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Our Slow Activities

Tuscany 2021: dates are out!

Tuscany is calling, make 2021 the year you will visit it! A small-group escorted travel experience is waiting for you, exploring Chianti and its beautiful
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What’s behind a glass of Chianti Classico wine!

“Please, for me a glass of Chianti Classico!” Have you ever heard this sentence? This wine is surely one of the best in the world
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How to taste olive oil and get lost in an Iris field!

How to taste olive oil and get lost in an Iris field? Come to Tuscany and you will see! We spent one of the most
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Slow food "Farm to Table" recipes

The perfect Sunday recipe: Apple Pie!

Sunday baking here at Km Zero Tours! What a better way to spend a lazy rainy Sunday than cooking delicious healthy recipes? A fresh, fragrant
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Slow food: farm to table cherry jam!

Today we talk about our natural and slow experience. The sun finally arrived again here in Chianti, our cherry tree in the garden is plenty
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“Farm to table” recipe: Artichoke flan!

“Farm to table” means genuine and environmental sustainable. “Farm to table”Β means also good, respectable and produce less CO2. Is not only a concept but is
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Around Tuscany

Slow travel in the peaceful Monteriggioni

Happy first day of March from the stunning village of Monteriggioni where the sun starts to warm this beautiful morning. We’ve decided to take a
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Montefioralle: don’t miss the St. Joseph Festival of Pancackes!

Buona domenica from the stunning village Montefioralle! During this weekend this beautiful tiny village comes to life and hosts a very particular event, called “La
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Discover the magic hamlet of Badia a Isola

Today we’ve visited a stunning little hamlet in Tuscan countryside, called “Badia a Isola”. The fields surrounding Badia a Isola were once a large swamp
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Our producers

Meet Nora and her lovely cashmere goats!

Nora and her lovely cashmere goats are a very special little world here in Chianti. Here it is possible to really explore the fascinating “world
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Meet Franco, the first Tuscan organic wine producers!

Organic wine means respect! Today we would like to share with the day we recently spent with Franco at his beautiful winery. Franco is a
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Meet Marco, the perfect wine expert & maker

Today we would like to introduce you to Marco, a young enologo (= enologist) and contadino (= farmer, winemaker) at the same time we’ve recently
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