Montefioralle: don't miss the St. Joseph Festival of Pancackes

Montefioralle: don’t miss the St. Joseph Festival of Pancackes!

Buona domenica from the stunning village Montefioralle! During this weekend this beautiful tiny village comes to life and hosts a very particular event, called “La festa delle frittelle di San Giuseppe” ( = St. Joseph Festival of Pancakes).

This two days event is dedicated to the delicious “St. Joseph fritters”, prepared according to the old recipe of the local peasant housewives: rice slow-cooked in milk, flavoured with orange and liquor, mixed with eggs and fried in a huge pot with extra virgin olive oil and then topped with sugar.


All the local people from the tiny village of Montefioralle (only 100 inhabitants!) participate with great enthusiasm to this celebration and help cooking and distributing delicious pancakes cooked in a giant frying pan with a diameter of two meters! As an accompaniment, Chianti Classico wine and local Vin Santo dessert wine are served, the best combination of these sweet treats.


The tradition of preparing rice pancakes during the celebration of St. Joseph in Montefioralle is a very ancient custom that dates back to the Renaissance period. Starting from the late 60s of last century, this tradition was given an official investiture thanks to the “Festival of Pancakes”, which is held on the closest weekend to the day of St. Joseph in the stunning medieval village of Montefioralle.


The pancakes are cooked in a huge two-meters pan, which holds up to 250 kg of oil. In addition to these famous and delicious pancakes, it is also possible to enjoy other local food and wine specialties. Discover authentic Tuscany with us!



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