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Meet Marco, the perfect wine expert & maker

Today we would like to introduce you to Marco, a young enologo (= enologist) and contadino (= farmer, winemaker) at the same time we’ve recently discovered in our beloved Chianti region.

Km Zero Tours wine experience in Tuscany discovering small wine producers of Chianti - Bio wine

We have been immediately impressed and captivated by the passion and seriousness that Marco puts in producing excellent wines that fully embrace and respect the rhythms of the nature and of our Tuscan tradition. Marco studied Enology at university, soon becoming a real “wine expert and wine-totum”. No one in his family had ever worked in the production of wine and no past generation has handed him the magic art of making wine, Marco is a 100% self-taught winemaker and learned everything by himself, carried by a true passion for the land that is really to be respected .

Km Zero Tours wine experience with Marco, a small local wine producers of Tuscany

As you you probably already know, the work and position of the “enologo” (=enologist, wine expert) is usually a consulting job that is generally done for several different wineries, regularly monitoring together with the respective farmers and winemakers the work in the cellar and the evolution of a given wine. In most cases the enologist and the farmer work and collaborate together, but they are not the same person.

Km Zero Tours wine experience tasting the wine flavours of Tuscany - Chianti Classico wine

Marco is one of the few enologists who decided to put all his soul and to complety dedicate to only one winery, being able to follow the entire cycle of making wine and being present firsthand in all the stages of its production, from vine to the final bottle. He is committed at doing both the work in the cellar and the work in the fields like a real farmer, working the soil in complete harmony with nature.

Km Zero Tours wine tasting in Tuscany - Meet small local producers in our slow travel holiday package Tipsy Tuscany

The result is a high quality, excellent product that has to be appreciated not only for the perfect balance, the elegance, the freshness and delicacy given by Marco’s deep knowledge and expertise as enologist, but also for the true and authentic connection to the soil and to the terroir.

Grazie Marco for letting us experience all this, alla prossima volta!

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This journey is designed for those who are willing to discover the most famous Tuscan DOCG wines from a different perspective, giving real value to the magic art of making wine. One of the goals of this experience is to demonstrate how perfectly wine can express its territory and cultivators.

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