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“Farm to table” recipe: Artichoke flan!

“Farm to table” means genuine and environmental sustainable.
“Farm to table” means also good, respectable and produce less CO2. Is not only a concept but is a lifestyle.
Alessio produces all the vegetables and fruits from our garden. That’s what we mean as “farm to table” lifestyle.
It’s a rainy lazy weekend here in Chianti, and we’ve decided to color this gray day.
It’s a delicious artichoke flan with an irresistible cream of Parmigiano cheese on top of it…to die for!

Km Zero Tours recipes with artishockes picked up from our vegetables garden

We have many artichokes in our garden this year. Since love this elegant and beautiful vegetable, let’s discover together its characteristics and peculiarities.

artichoke of our veg garden - Alessio is a great farmer, every year we have bio seasonal produce in our Km Zero Tours 's garden in Chianti

It’s a plant from the Mediterranean with a robust and branched stem. Its height can reach one meter and twenty centimeters. It is an appreciated vegetable and it is consumed since very ancient times. Since it was already eaten and cooked by the ancient population of Egypt and later by the Greeks and Romans.

Cutted artichock for a good tuscan seaonal recipe made by Alessio of Km Zero Tours

The healing properties and benefits of artichokes are many. In fact, they are, rich in antioxidants since in the heart of the artichoke there is a substance which is capable of preventing atherosclerotic and cardiovascular diseases. It also has digestive and diuretic properties and is able to lower the cholesterol levels.

artishockes and rosemary - bio vegetarian food of Km Zero Tours

There are 1000 ways to cook artichokes. You can prepare a wonderful risotto or pasta, you can fry them with butter, you can do a delicious “frittata” or a delicate flan. A great way to consume raw artichokes as a fresh salad, dressing them with olive oil, lemon, salt, and garlic.
One useful tip for artichokes: once you cut them and they get in contact with the air, they oxidize immediately. Its use to assuming an unpleasant dark color. Make sure that every time you cut a clove you immediately soak it in lemon juice!

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