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Tuscany 2022: dates are out!

Tuscany is calling, make 2022 the year you will visit it!

A small-group escorted travel experience is waiting for you, exploring Chianti and its beautiful treasures. This is not just a trip, it’s an experience – A look into the Tuscan way of life through the flavors, history, vistas, and people of this region.

A collection of unique and one-of-a-kind excursions and experiences designed to fully immerse yourself in the real culture and traditions of Tuscany.

Colourful flowers in full bloom, pure soft cashmere, lots of delicious cooking, fresh cheese, and olive oil, artichokes, wine, refreshing walks in nature, local art and culture. Tuscany is all this and much more! What are you waiting for? It’s time to discover an authentic Chianti experience, you are all invited!



    • It’s all-inclusive, including lodging in a Tuscan renovated farmhouse with pool.
    • A hands-on cooking class with a talented local chef (because you cannot go back home without learning how to cook Italian Style!)
    • Explore various adorable, post-card perfect villages in the region.
    • Visit an organic cheese farm and learn about cheese-making (with eating of course).
    • Experience an olive farm and learn all about the culture behind olive oil.
    • It’s Italy! Wine is a must, so you’ll visit a local wine producer and be hosted for lunch.
    • Become acquainted with local sweets in Siena.
    • Witness the age-old art of silversmithing.
    • Meet incredible families, farmers and artisans, who will share with you their home and fascinating stories.
    • Visit a historic winery…with a wine tasting of course.
    • Enjoy a light hike through vineyards and olive gardens.
    • Taste the culture of the region through a Florentine steak.
    • Meet the Cashmere goats whose coat brings a little softness to our homes.
    • Take a bread and pizza-making class in your villa. Nothing better than freshly baked bread!
    • Get lost in the beautiful towns of San Gimignano and Siena
  • Take it slow and enjoy some “vino” surrounded by the green rolling hills of Chianti

We are delighted to invite you to live an authentic experience in Chianti, specially designed for those willing to immerse themselves in the real culture and traditions of Tuscany.

You will be guided through a unique journey and culinary adventure, meeting passionate locals who will share with you their homes, lifestyle, and experiences. Every day represents a special journey through delicious Tuscan culinary delights, beautiful picturesque villages, passionate farmers and ancient local crafts. You will discover the real heritage and secrets of Italian cuisine, understanding how Tuscan culture is so tightly connected with local recipes and people.

You will learn directly from the farmers how wine, olive oil, cheese, and honey are produced, and you will hear directly from the locals interesting stories and legends connected to the stunning towns of Florence, Siena and San Gimignano. You will indulge in outstanding homemade meals served in beautiful private homes, learning firsthand how the local people live, celebrate life and enjoy its simple pleasures.

By the end of the experience, you will have surely made lots new friends in Chianti, who will be always ready to welcome you with a big smile (and with a good glass of wine of course!), creating with you beautiful lasting memories and experiences.
It’s an all-inclusive experience, which we love because it means less thinking/planning and more relaxing!

Are you ready to join? Tuscany is calling, and YOU are all invited!


Next dates – Andiamo! Tuscany 2022 Tours:


April 2-9, 2022*
April 11-18, 2022*
May 14-21, 2022*
May 21-28, 2022*
June 4-11, 2022*
June 11-18, 2022*


August 20-27, 2022*


Sept 10-17, 2022*
Sept 18-25, 2022*
Sept 25-Oct 2nd, 2022*
Oct 22-29, 2022*

*It i is also possible to extend/shorten your stay for more/ fewer nights if you wish to, please inquire for more information.

And if these dates don’t work for you…
It is possible to organize for you a similar itinerary also on other dates, contact us for more information!

Contact details for more information and reservations for our Tuscany 2022 itineraries:


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