Meet Nora's cashmere goats, explore the "world of cashmere"

Meet Nora and her lovely cashmere goats!

Nora and her lovely cashmere goats are a very special little world here in Chianti.
Here it is possible to really explore the fascinating “world of cashmere” of Chianti, from farm to the final garment.


We will show you how cashmere is produced, now is the time to find out. In April and May, Nora offers guests from all over the world the unique opportunity to take part in the Goat Combing demonstrations. Will be a great experience for those who are interested in learning how cashmere is produced and want to actively participate. You will experiment and learn how to properly harvest and separate the precious cashmere from the regular wool, how to choose the right tools and many other curiosities, goat combing is going to be a unique and unforgettable experience.



Cashmere goats are hand-combed in the Spring to harvest the wonderful, incredibly soft cashmere fiber which forms the goats’ winter insulation. Cashmere grows in the winter to keep the goat warm and then falls out in the Spring. If you’re planning to visit Tuscany think about it. That is, together with us, you will be able to participate in the annual spring combing. A truly authentic farm experience!



During the day spent Goat Combing, Nora will teach you everything about Cashmere goats, the goat’s names, their habits. You will live an interesting explanation of every step of transformation of the raw fiber through to the finished product.


This is the perfect experience for those who love animals and cashmere. Spending a day with us meeting Nora and her goats will be a priceless, harvesting your own Cashmere.
We mean we wait for you soon to live surely a great experience together discovering this magical farm.



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