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The real artisanal pasta: a family affair!

Spaghetti, tagliatelle, penne e pappardelle… did you ever wonder how and where artisanal pasta is made? We’re inviting you to meet Gregorio and Michele, son and father and owners of a beautiful artisanal pasta workshop near Florence, who have been always committed to sharing the real culture about high quality pasta with people from all over the

Gregorio and Michele always take care to maintain the natural characteristics and nutritional value of the pasta thanks to a low-drying temperature (pasta will take up to 24-120 hours to dry) and to the exclusive use of bronze mold, that gives the pasta a special fineness making the absorption of sauces effortless.


Together with them, you will understand the difference between dry and fresh pasta and between artisan and industrial pasta. You will also discover many other curiosities about pasta, comprehending what is hidden behind this myth and icon of Italian cuisine. Ready to join us? Follow your taste!


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