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The perfect winter Sunday: group “polentata”!

Dear friends,

Hope you all spent a fabulous weekend! We had a special Sunday evening, preparing the famous Alessio’s “Polentata all’abruzzese” with our friends & producers Giorgio and Niccolò, amazing wood-turner and fabulous winemaker rispectively.friends-of-km-zero-tours-slow-tours-food-cooking-classes-holidays-in-tuscany-chianti-wine-tasting

“Polentata” is an old recipe from the Abruzzo region, the birthplace of Alessio. This recipe was born as a traditional dish for poor people who could not afford to buy many ingredients or even enough plates for the entire family. It is made with corn flour, a type of flour that typically cost less than wheat flour.


People cooked polenta in a large, deep pot, stirring constantly for a long time. When polenta was ready, they poured it directly onto the table, eating it right away, all together, not using any dishes! The traditional sauce for polenta was tomato sauce enriched with a single sausage (given the high cost) which was used to give flavor to the entire sauce and was eventually designated to head of the house.


The best thing about this experience is that we eat together at the same table, sharing values and ideas and becoming friends.  Read more about this experience in the beautiful article written by Live Like You’re Traveling :  or just pack your suitcase and come over to Chianti choosing our “The Living Flavours” experience!





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