"Pasquetta": what to eat/to do on Easter Monday? Km Zero Tours

Celebrating “Pasquetta”: what to eat/to do on Easter Monday?

Happy Pasquetta everyone! Easter Monday, for the Italians, is La Pasquetta in Italian. Is a national holiday in Italy and it’s part of the Easter holiday celebrations that are celebrated across Italy. It is a popular time to take short breaks to the countryside with friends and family, enjoying the day organizing great picnics in the fields and sampling delicious seasonal recipes together!


We’ve decided to celebrate Pasquetta cooking at home with friends a delicious “frittata with fresh local eggs, wild mint and leeks”, paired with refreshing “baccelli” (baccelli = fava beans), the perfect Spring lunch!

Both wild mint and fava beans are growing in Spring and are used in many healthy, light and tasty local Tuscan recipes. Many other inspiring Spring recipes to come, follow your taste with us!



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