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Meet the ancient “Maremmana” cow!

Meet our producers! Today we would like to introduce you to an incredible 100% organic breeding of Maremmana and Chianina cattle where Giulia, Francesco, Filippo and many other young and passionate farmers work hard every day in order to preserve these two ancient Tuscan breeds of cattle in their natural habitat.

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The “Maremmana” is a breed of cattle reared in the Maremma, a former marshland region in southern Tuscany and northern Lazio in central Italy. It is raised principally in the provinces of Grosseto, Rome and Viterbo. These magnificent animals are easily spotted for their great curved horns, their white coat and their proud, robust stance. These cows have grazed wild in the Maremma countryside for centuries, since they are tough and able to adapt well to the marshy land of the Maremma region.

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They nonetheless risked extinction in the past, firstly due to a land reclamation programme which took away their natural habitat and secondly because of the emergence of ever more specialized breeds that threatened to over run them.

km zero tours - maremmana cow lives is an anciet race of cow originally from Tuscany
Today, the Maremmana cattle is under the protection of the Slow Food organisation and it is raised wild in this amazing farm, where a group of 100 lucky and healthy cows can walk freely and happily in about 1500 hectares of woods and fields. Discover the authentic Tuscany with us!





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