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Homemade ravioli with burrata cheese!

Our new guests arrived here in Chianti yesterday, and Alessio cooked for them delicious homemade ravioli filled with burrata cheese and topped with a simple and fresh tomato sauce that we made last summer with tomatoes from our vegetable garden…just perfect!

Homemade Ravioli with Km Zero Tours Slow Travel Tuscany  

We love to use ancient kind of grains and stone ground flours for our homemade pasta. Since ancient grains like “Senatore Cappelli” are much more healthy and contain less gluten than the modern kinds, that are usually produced in order to produce quantity instead of quality.

It’s a great period here in Italy, most of our farmers want to rediscover the ancient grains,
A lot of groups of farmers are working united to save its and take back them in production.
“High productivity”, that’s why the big companies prefers the modern one. As well you know, the moderns have less property than the ancients and are processed.

Homemade ravioli ina cooking classe in Chianti with Km Zero Tours Slow Travel Tuscany
Bring to light the production of these grains means also respecting our territory. Means give it a new life. Monocultures are destroying our planet. Big companies are increasing year after year the grain production without regards to the health of those who eat it.
That’s why we use the ancient grains, they are part of us, part of our culture and for making ravioli pasta are very good.

“Ricotta and spinach” is the most classic filling for homemade ravioli. Besides this, you can put whatever you like the best.
Other good fillings are pumpkin, burrata cheese, mushrooms, salmon, potatoes….there are so many different kinds of ravioli.
Which are your favorite one?

Homemade ravioli cooking class with Km Zero Tours Slow Travel Tuscany

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