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“Farm to table” Valeriana, the best Spring salad

Spring time is approching here in Chianti, and finally we have our first fresh “farm to table” Spring yummy veggies in the garden! 
We just picked from the garden the delicious “valeriana”, that in our opinion is the best salad you can have in Spring time. In addition of being tender, refreshing and sweet, “valeriana” salad is rich in nutrients useful to our body as minerals (including calcium, phosphorus, potassium, iron and magnesium), vitamins A, B and C and chlorophyll. Thanks to all these components has a mild diuretic and purifying effect.
The “valeriana” is usually consumed raw by itself or in combination with other varieties of salad or vegetables. My favorite mix is made up of “valeriana” salad, radicchio, walnuts, carrots and pinols, but you can use this tender salad to make many other combinations or to decorate your favorite dishes due to its graceful shape and its bright color. Just delicious!
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