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Farm to Table, strictly Tuscan “Ribollita”!

Have you ever heard of Tuscan “Ribollita“? Ribollita is a famous, simple winter Tuscan soup, made with leftover, stale bread, cannellini beans and seasonal, inexpensive vegetables such as carrots, cabbage, “cavolo nero” (Tuscan black kale), onion and, of course, some great “olio nuovo” (new olive oil). Ribollita soup (“ribollita” literally means “reboiled”) is called like this because it is usually consumed the day after its preparation,  when it is warmed up in a pot and reboiled. Ribollita is a simple bread soup that is typically cooked during the winter, since the main ingredient – Tuscan Cavolo Nero – is a vegetable that can be found exclusively in winter.

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