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“Farm to Table” Savoy Cabbage Soup!

Just came back to  Chianti after a long foodie weekend in Abruzzo with LOTS of delicious food, it’s time now to detox ourselves preparing a light and healthy “farm to table” savoy cabbage soup with ingredients that come directly from our vegetable garden!km-zero-tours-organic-cabbage-soup-preparing-in-tuscany


The healing properties of the savoy cabbage (“cavolo verza” in Italian) were known since the antiquity; Greeks even considered it sacred. This vegetable has origins in the Mediterranean basin and, in ancient Rome, was consumed before the banquet to encourage the absorption of alcohol by the body. The savoy cabbage contains lots of vitamin A (essential for the sight and to maintain healthy skin), vitamin C (essential for the immune system), and vitamin K (important for blood clotting).km-zero-tours-cabbage-soup-preparing-in-tuscany


In addition, the savoy cabbage is rich in minerals such as potassium, iron, phosphorus, calcium and sulfur, that are indispensable elements for the establishment of cells and tissues and for the skin hydration. This vegetable contains just a few calories, very little fat and has a good satiating power, making it a particularly suitable for low-calorie diets food.km-zero-tours-vellutata-di-verza-2




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