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Exploring “off the beaten path” Pistoia

Today we would like to introduce you to the beautiful Tuscan town of Pistoia, exploring its local traditions and flavours. If you visit Pistoia, make sure to go to the charming “Piazza della Sala”, located behind the baptistery. “La Sala”, as the local pistoiesi call it, is home to a beautiful artisan market and various workshops. Here you can still breathe the local “Pistoiese” lifestyle, that’s all about living this fascinating “piazza”, plenty of great wine bars, cafés and restaurants. In Pistoia you also have to try the “Migliaccio Pistoiese” local dish: “Migliaccio” comes from an ancient Tuscan tradition: not to waste any part of the pig, once killed by the householders. Every part of the animal was (and is still) used to prepare supplies for the winter time, such as meat, head, tail, feet and blood. Consequently “migliaccio” is the name of a recipe containing fresh blood (like the “sanguinaccio”, another Tuscan local recipe). It is served either as a salted or as a sweet dish, depending on the ingredients, and it looks similar to an omelette. Discover the authentic Tuscany with us!

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