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Discover the unique culture of Terracotta from Impruneta!

Meet our producers! Today we will introduce you to Costanza and her family from the village of Impruneta, who have been always committed to creating marvelous objects  in Terracotta.

costanza-explaining-terracottas-history-minSince ancient times Impruneta area has been distinguished for the production of terracotta: techniques and methods have been often handed down from one generation to another giving place to a deep and fascinating “cotto culture”. From the XIV century all the furnace’s workshops of Impruneta have gathered in a dynamic community, able to become famous all over the world for quality and prestige of their products. The Impruneta craftsmen work the clay according to ancient tradition, working a particular kind of clay produced only there and called “galestro”.


A terracotta vase can be shaped both “a calco”, using chalk moulds, or using a more difficult technique called “coil method”, where everything is done by hand.

the-difficult-techniue-of-coil-method-minDecorations and finishing are always handmade. Costanza was born and raised in an ancient furnace and loves to share her deep knowledge and all the best kept secrets of the incredible art of pottery with guests from all over the world. We could observe all stages of processing terracotta, from “galestro” (the particular type of clay that you can find only in Impruneta) to the finished product, learning interesting stories and traditions passed down by generations of “fornacini”. If you have the desire to get closer to this ancient and unique tradition that made the small village of Impruneta famous in all over the world, look no further: join us in this beautiful experience, you will find everything within the walls of this beautiful furnace!handmade-decoration-and-finishing

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