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Chianti Yoga: a slow down experience in Tuscany!

You have to try the Chianti yoga slow down experience!
We recently spent here in Chianti with the talented yoga teacher Jen. and her beautiful “yogi” friends. We love the idea of combining yoga practice and slow mindfulness sessions with our daily activities aimed at discovering the authentic Chianti region. Especially meeting talented producers and sampling their amazing products.
Above all, we’re really happy to share this experince with you.
Yoga Chianti slow down experience with Km Zero Tours Slow Travel Tuscany


Slowing down together and connecting one to each other.
All united by the same love for nature and for a more healthy and authentic world. Everything was made of simple and genuine things.
In particular, Chianti hills are the perfect scenario to switch off from the caotic life of the cities. Km Zero Tours Slow Travel Tuscany yoga experience in Chianti

Following this idea, we’ve decided to create a wonderful retreat planned for this Fall. Our experience combine daily yoga with visits to charming local towns. “Farm to table” recipes, refreshing hiking and visits to passionate producers and artists, discovering together the real food & wine culture of our region.

Slow down with a Chianti yoga experience with Km Zero Tours Slow Travel Tuscany

Each and every encounter of the week is an invitation to slow down, savor and mindfully. Enjoy yourself and the inspiring natural surroundings. Especially embracing our healthy, eco-friendly philosophy & lifestyle and supporting the local community.

As usual, contact us for more information. So then, we are waiting for you soon!

Choose to live one of our slow experiences to discover Tuscany.

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