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Best experience at our goat cheese farm!

The best moment to have the best experience at our goat cheese farm is during the spring time.
Here in Chianti, in this season, everything is fresh. Fresh, healthy and tasty new vegetables, fresh fruits, fresh grass and so also delicious new milk and cheese!
Spring signs the start of a new cycle of nature.

Goat cheese experience in Tuscany with Km Zero Tours

Indeed, during this particular time of the year, the grass in the fields is green and fresh, and the little baby goats who were born in late February are finally weaned and able to start eating grass instead of the mother’s milk!

Goat cheese farm in Tuscany - A visit to discover the real local life in Tuscany with Km Zero Tours

Starting from late March, the production of milk increases and the dairy farms can start using the additional milk that is not needed by the baby goats to produce excellent fresh cheese. April and May are the best times to visit a dairy farm. The cheese is at its best and the sweet baby goats are big enough to play and run in the open fields, an amazing experience to see!

Alessio playing hide and seek with the sweet baby goats together with the lovely guest of Km Zero Tours - Holidays in Tuscany

We have visited our treasured goat cheese farm a couple of days ago with our lovely guests and new friends. We have discovered together the fascinating world of cheese and playing hide and seek with the sweet baby goats.
So much fun!
After visiting the farm and the sweet little goats, we then moved to the dairy farm, learning about how to produce excellent cheese in total respect of nature and the animals. Finally, we tasted together lots of delicious goat cheese. The cheese was both fresh and more seasoned, we learned interesting stories and enjoying a wonderful time at the same table. We love sharing stories and experiences. If you love animals and you are a cheese addict like us.
Don’t wait a second more and join us in this unique experience!

Km Zero tours guests choice natural holidays in Chianti with Km Zero Tours to discover the real, local and authentic lifestyle of of Tuscany

Choose to live one of our slow experiences to discover Tuscany.

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