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FAQ/Additional informations

What is the expected delivery time? Once your order has been placed, we will send you an email to confirm payment and your mailing/contact details and we will begin preparing your gift including the freshest and very best products. We carefully hand pack each gift before shipping. Once they head out the door, we send you the tracking details so you know where your gift is at all times, along with a recap of your order. Typically, shipping takes about 5-7 days on average for delivery time to Europe/US and 8-10 days for delivery time to Canada.

Due to Covid and Customs clearance there may be some delays, please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery.Please email us for any additional information/assistance you may wish to receive. We are here to help!

Are shipping and taxes included? Prices shown are all inclusive and include all products, express shipment right to your doorstep, packaging, local taxes, online payment fees and personalized customer service. Possible import duties/taxes are not included.

Can you accommodate special requests like Gluten Free or Vegetarian options? Sure! We can arrange vegetarians and gluten-free options – contact us at arianna@kmzerotours.com or note when placing your order.

Can I make any changes to the boxes and create a customized box?Substitutions or add-ons are available. If you wish to make any changes and substitute/add a specific product, please let us know via email (arianna@kmzerotours.com) and we will provide the alternative options for you to choose from or add-on.

Can I make the Gift Box more special by adding a personal note to it? Sure! Just let us know what you wish to say to your loved ones, and we will make sure to include a personalized handwritten note in the box and add a personal touch to it. No order is too complex – we will handle it for you!

Do you also do Corporate/Company Gifts? Our curated Gift Boxes make special gift ideas for anniversaries, birthdays and also as part of a company gift program for clients and/or colleagues.

Keeping a strong connection between your business and its customers, colleagues and employees is vital to continuing the relationship. Whether you’re seeking thank you gifts or congratulating customer success, whatever you choose will have a long impact on how they feel about your company. Keeping them top of mind is extremely important, let us treat your loved ones, best friends, clients, colleagues and employees with a very special gift to say how they are important to you!

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