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Christmas Taste USA


1x artisanal organic panettone (200gr) – Tradizionale
1x Panforte “margherita” or Tuscan Cantucci (250gr)
1x artisanal organic ricciarelli (260 gr)
1x Artisanal tomato sauce with fresh basil (280gr)
1x black olive paté (190gr)
1x New Olive Oil (250ml)
1x handmade ceramic Christmas ornament with Chianti landscape
1x Gigli organic pasta ancient grains (500gr)
1x sundried tomatoes in olive oil (320gr)
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Do you miss Tuscany and would you like to stay connected, support Italy and choose the perfect Christmas gift for your family and loved ones? We have a great idea and new project for you.

From the very beginning, our philosophy here at Km Zero Tours has been all about supporting local artisans and producers with their amazing products and crafts.

We have been carefully selecting talented producers and artisans, who are the best expression of our land. Through our experiences we offer travelers and Italy lovers from all over the World the opportunity to discover unique, passionate and family owned producers. We learn together their stories, their passion and the hard work behind each product, and how to give a new meaning and appreciation to what we eat, cook and wear every day.

Following this concept and thinking of all the wonderful guests who could not come to visit Italy and Tuscany this year, we decided to create a new project, and to bring the best of Tuscany to YOU!

A beautiful gift box made with 100% recycled cardboard full of delicious Chianti products, in order to give you a taste of Tuscany and the opportunity to arrange beautiful Italian meals and spend a special time with your loved ones, dreaming of Tuscany and counting the days until it all becomes real.

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 40 × 20 × 10 cm
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