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The perfect Christmas gift: sustainable cashmere scarves to support our land!

Do you still have not chosen your Christmas gift? We have a great idea for you.

Our philosophy here at Km Zero Tours – Slow Travel Tuscany is all about supporting the “locals” and their amazing products and crafts.

We carefully select talented producers who we believe are the guardians and best expression of our land. Through our experiences we give new friends from all over the world the opportunity to discover something truly unique, getting in close contact with producers and discovering the “true” Chianti. Choosing one of our experiences, you will get to learn the knowledge, the passion and the hard work behind a product and its terroir.


In the last few decades, many farmers and artisans have been persuaded in the use of “new techniques” as this was recommended by the mass production and by scientific companies. At that time, specialized texts and new technologies were considered as more powerful than the verbal traditions, that were passed down from generation to generation.

This new knowledge based on modern technology and on scientific data,being written in official documents, has gained a lot of power and attention, offering a more exact and immediate information. The traditional knowledge of the farmers was instead mostly developed, conveyed and kept through the centuries without being written anywhere.                              
In doing this, the old knowledge and traditions have been rarefied, gradually disappearing within a few generations.
However, there are still some people who believe in tradition and who have decided to keep the old knowledge and culture alive.

They are now rediscovering the importance of exploring the cultural background and history of a given place through the products they create, in a genuine and sustainable way.
Our main goal is to protect and support these people. We want to give value again to what is handcrafted and local. We also want to redirect the attention and the interest of people into something genuine and “real”.


That’s why we want to support our producers also in promoting their amazing products.
If you support our cause and project, you will have a little discount on Nora’s wonderful winter cashmere scarves and stoles. Nora’s scarves are a unique product, perfect to warm up these cold winter nights and as Christmas gift for your loved ones!

Nora is one of our producers and has a wonderful farm in Chianti. She creates stunning 100% sustainable, hand-woven and hands knitted cashmere scarves in Chianti.

For those interested in purchasing one of the wonderful Nora’s cashmere scarves or to visit with us her beautiful farm in Chianti, you can write us to and we will be happy to give you more information.

Buon Natale a tutti!